Cancellation Policy 

We at Global Course Tutors will be considered cancellation only if the request for the same has been made within 2 hours of placing an order via proper channel through mail communication. However, we will consider a penalty on the cancellation request if the order has been communicated to the vendor and they have initiated the process There is no cancellation of orders wherein the order has to be delivered on the same day.

  1. Services not delivered in due time (only if you have notified us through mail communication  before the delivery of your order that you no longer require the order and we should stop working on the same) we will refund the full amount.
  2. In case the order is not delivered in due time and you are following up with us for delivery it would be considered that we have mutually agreed with the late delivery and NO REFUND would be initiated in such cases.
  3. In case of revision if the due date exceeds then refund request won’t be accepted as revisions & modifications are time consuming things.
  4.  If , your purchase does not meet your requirements and you are not comfortable to follow further revision, you can ask for refund (Refund will only be initiated with proper proofs and reasons). In case partial requirements are missing you can ask for revision and our support team would be happy to help you, but refund won’t be considered for such cases.
  5. Partial refund request will be processed if we miss out on some of your requirements in your order at the time of your purchase.

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